Way to Go Joe!


Last year at this time, it was really hard to watch a PSU game…not becuase they would most likely lose, but because the sports announcers would spend a good chunk of the game discussing how Joe Paterno needs to retire.

I was fed up and disgusted…but can you guess what story made the front page of ESPN’s college football page? Yup. “Seems like old times” We are 5-0 this season, and are going into the Ohio State v Penn State game with 7 straight wins…and we finally moved up into the top 25 rankings at #16. Go Penn State…and go Joe Paterno.

Thanks for not listening to the media and the many people who thought they knew better.

One thought on “Way to Go Joe!”

  1. Dad M

    Almost emailed you Saturday. The game was on channel 6 here and most enjoyable to watch. Ohio/PSU is going to be on ESPN so you will get to see that one! The man is a legend – how long will he be able to do this??

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