Penn State v. Northwestern


This weekend is the big weekend. I will be at the PSU v. Northwestern game to see the Nittany Lions’ Big Ten season opener. I am so excited to see Joe Paterno in action once again. Go Penn State!!

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Congrats Ken!

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Ken for passing the Zend Certification Exam this past weekend. I am very proud of him, and hope to pass the exam myself in the next few months. Kick ass Ken! [tags]Ken, Zend Certification[/tags]


.mac's backup 3.

I have had a .Mac account since the beginning (and a “forever free .Mac email address” since the keynote that announced it) but have never really used the Backup application regularly. I have gone back and forth with using rsync at home (with my Solaris machine), but I have to say this latest release is […]