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I went to Golfsmith right after work (I had already been to the much preferable Golf Galaxy a few days ago) and decided to try three 3 woods in the practice area so I could make my decision and then spend the rest of the week at the driving range (after work). I, of course, first picked up the Ping G2 3 wood for $269.99. Then I found a used Cleveland Launcher for $124.95, and a Titleist 975F for $34.95. Price differences aside, I wanted the Ping G2 to be the club I was going to buy before I actually hit any of them. It has a great look and I absolutely love my G2 irons. I first hit a few shots, on and off a tee, with the Titleist 975F, figuring I could eliminate it from the running right away. I was shocked when the club felt really good and was consistently going straight and long. Figuring it was only luck, I picked up the Ping G2 which I did not hit as well. I hit probably 20 balls with the G2 and I had some nice shots, but I did not have the consistency of the Titleist. I was disappointed, but figured even if the Titleist or Cleveland Launcher only lasts me a season or two, it would be worth it. I liked the Cleveland Launcher a lot too, and it had a great shaft, but when it came down to the last few balls hit…the Titleist won because I was consistantly getting more yardage with the average shot. Tonight it all about the driving range. I am still blown away over the cost of the 3 wood ($34.95)…if I would have bought my usual Titleist Pro V I balls, I would have paid more for the balls than the club ;).

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