My New Favorite Browser?


I spend a lot of time each day using a web browser (I have 4 browsers open now…Firefox, IE, Safari, and Camino). If I am not working out CSS bugs, I am looking something up using, or playing a Yahoo! game, or editting my blog, or just looking at my favorite sites. It is not too often a new browser emerges that I do not spend a lot of time with it, either for QA reasons or just to check it out, and it is even less often that I do not play around new browsers. I have to say, I was late (version .91a) to check out Camino, but I have to say, I think Camino might be my new favorite browser.

I really like:

  • Clean interface.
  • Tabs in Camino. I love Safari because when I am ready to close a tab, there is an “x” on the tab that you can quickly and easily press to close it. With Firefox and other browsers that support tabbed browsing, you have to go to the far right of the window to find the “x” button, and have the tab you want to close as the front most window.
  • Simplicty.
  • Plugins
  • Supports latest W3C standards.

What I miss (from other browsers):

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