Tapas in St. Louis

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Well, St. Louis is no San Francisco, and definitely no Chicago, but I had some great tapas last night at Mosaic. I have been so busy travelling and creating presentations, I have not had time to sit down and do a few tech tips and HOWTO posts, but never fear, I will be up for it next week. I just need a break. Speaking of breaks, for fun tonight (after visiting a nice local pub) I will be installing Fedora Core 4 and will surely have something cool to post about.

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Voodoo Wings and the Blues

Well instead of coming back early and installing Fedora Core 4, I decided to go out with a friend to a little cajun restaurant and listen to see blues by Watermelon Slim. Good times, great food and I highly recommend both if you are ever in St. Louis.


My Take On San Fransisco

Feel free to whip out the “wrap it up” box, but I have to give my summary on San Francisco in ten thoughts or less. San Francisco…inital thought: “hate the airport” (it is just not O’Hare). Second random thought…”damn this weather is awesome.” Third random thought…”holy cow, there is no grass, just rows of houses.” […]