People In My Life


Just a quick post to thank Ken for helping me (via video conference and telephone). Ken, feel free to call on me for some CSS magic at any time ūüėČ When I am overwhelmed and need an entertainment break, I often search for people I know, today I came up with a picture and article about my very talented cousin ;).

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installing Solaris 10, part 2.

Well. Now that I have Soalris 10 installed (failure on disk 2 and disk 3), I have been trying to learn the ins and outs of the system. I have been struggling with trying to get Java Desktop System 3 to start up. I can work in Common Desktop Environment without any technical problems, but […]


Old Fun Technology

I love technology, both new and old. When my friend Ken was visiting last week, we went to an awesome exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry: Game On. The exhibit featured a lot of my favorite childhood games (mostly console) and made me think about all the cool ‚Äútech‚ÄĚ toys I had as [‚Ķ]