The Day is Finally Here


Almost six years to the day, Ken bid me and Amy farewell as we left PA for IL. Now I finally can show Ken some cool places in Chicago (as well as show him how to play caps). ūüėČ That is all I have to say now.

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Safari RSS

For a number of years (even before Mac OS 9) I have been accustomed to every morning going to my browser of choice, and loading up several web sites that I commonly go to: my webmail,, macdevcenter, macnn, macosxhints, php architect, taoofthemac, and cnn. In Mac OS 9, I used a nice AppleScript to […]


See You Tomorrow Ken!

After years of not seeing each other, a cold war, and then a few more years of not seeing each other it is once again time to reunite. To most people that I have met since I moved away from PSU, Ken is some sort of legend and finally, everyone will be able to meet […]