wordpress quicktags fix for safari and photo options.


After taking a look back at Moveable Type, I decided it was time to look for a new photo management plugin for WordPress. I decided to first try PhotoPress because it sounded pretty cool (thumbnails, random pictures, etc)

Since the move to WordPress 1.5, I noticed that my quicktags no longer exisited when I used Safari to write my posts, and in order to see PhotoPress in action, I needed to see them (PhotoPresss adds a button to the quicktags section). So far all of you out there using WordPress 1.5 and Safari and that have noticed that the quicktags no longer show up, found the solution.

For those of you that do not use WordPress, but are curious, quicktags are a bunch of buttons that can be used to generate html code. (ex. by selecting the “link” button you are prompted with a diablog box to insert a link like jappler.com and then WordPress will autoformat the html code for the link.)

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