go meredith, cousin peggy!


Back in my Penn State days, I took a lot of American history classes (since that was my major) and I found I had similar interests to a new TA, Meredith Lair. She was one of my TAs for History 3 (The American Nation: Historical Perspectives) , and History 173 (Vietnamin War and Peace) and another, but I am not remembering at this time.

Anyway, I recently found her name in an article I was reading. Meredith’s mention: “It’s beyond comprehension the damage this man has done,” said Meredith Lair, 32, who just completed a doctorate in history at Pennsylvania State University. “I think it’s horrifying what we’re doing to Iraq,” said Lair, who was carrying a sign that read, “Mr. Bush, under my mittens I’m giving you the finger”.

Regardless of what I think of President Bush, I am proud of her for going out and participating in something that she not only believes in, but also taught countless of students about. Good job!

PS. My cousin Peggy was interviewed about her professional football experience, pretty cool too!

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