The Decent Thing To Do

After a confusing day filled with follies of all sorts…I have to ask someone (because my answer is biased): do standards (both technical and personal) and hard work really matter? The day started off by me losing the last spot in my normal train parking lot to someone that I waved in front of me so they could make the turn (it was easier for me to do it, so I thought I would give them a break. Little did I know, they would take a quick turn into my parking lot and take the last spot causing me to miss my train and park much further away than I am accustomed to park.

As the day went on, I was reminded that double standards seem to be the standard. How is it that the others, who do the bare minimum (hopefully soon to be featured on (what you wonder why it is still at the bare minimum…it is called redoing the CSS and design for this site)), and seem to be stress and worry free, yet content to live like that while I am stressed out and produce quality solutions? (and then are the same people who complain about things that do not seem to be up to their standard) (which is well above their own in comparison)? (can you tell I like brackets?)

To follow things up, how is it possible I get the “are you fucking serious?” look from Mr. 1990 who is taking up 2 seats on the train and makes me ask him twice if he would please move his stuff so I could sit on the only empty seat that I have found in the past two train cars. PS Mr. 1990s, taking off your lame boots to itch your foot (with a sock with holes) is not very attractive.

To top it all off, as I was driving home, I have to cross the tracks, and as I was at a red light, tracks behind me, some jack ass decided to pull up, and wait on the tracks while we were waiting for the light to turn. So my final questions…what is the thought process with these people? Do they not care? Will I ever be appreciated because I do care?