day 2, style sheet 2.

Well well. Who says you should settle? I decided to completely re-write my style sheet and I have almost everything down for both IE and Netscape (FireFox, Safari, Netscape) browsers. Some things I still need to look at are the bulleted lists on the right (blog) and some other details. I again feel like I have taken CSS to another level.

So why did I switch style sheets? I went over to a friend’s house last night and saw the horror of my web site in IE for Windows. I came home and made some adjustments, but then got frustrated and knew there had to be another way…here I am.

What I have learned…well for one, IE is not pleasant to work with, time to get a “get Firefox” logo for this web site. IE does not play nice in so many ways, but the killer is it does not like min/max-width, and that is very important to this design. All other browsers that I have tested obey the min/max-width, but not IE…this was the major reason I had to start from scratch again. I decided that being able to stretch it for IE was better than the absolute mess I saw before. I am hoping I can find a fix somewhere, but for now I am ok with that…I suppose.

Other than that, this whole design has been a great learning opportunity and I am excited to figure out these last few bugs so I can enjoy the design instead of working on it…well at least for a few weeks. So, if you see something weird, believe me, I am aware of it…and am on the case.