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Not often do I even bookmark a non-technical web site, but I have found one I am going to add to my bookmarks. (Yes I am a Netscape girl, no “favorites” on my system.) If you have some time and want to enjoy some light reading about American Folklore, check out:

I will never forget the time I asked someone in my family…ok it was my sister…after she had graduated from college…what year the Consitution was written, and her response was: 1878. What do you say? I smartly said “oh you mean after the civil war?” and in my typical family way of diagreeing, that was the end of the conversation. In my family, with me as the exception, we do not “discuss” certain things such as anything that goes against the grain of the family members. You want to discuss something or question something, they shut down. Perhaps that is why I was grounded half of my life.

Anyway, check out the web site.

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