Christmas Wish List


Well, it is that time again. Friends and family want to know what I want, so here it goes in order of interest:

  1. A Ping G2 3HL iron to complement my 4HL-SW G2 set.
  2. A new Ping G2 3 wood so I can replace my aging 3 wood that no longer can be considered my “go to” club when all else fails.
  3. A new case for my Treo 600 so I can replace the standard case.
  4. A 512mb memory card for my Treo 600 so I can store my Mac OS X Server PDFs, some music, and some other crap on my phone for my commute.
  5. A golf score card application for my Treo 600. I am ready to keep stats and to work on my game on a new level.
  6. Tiger Woods 2005. I finally beat 2004 and am ready for the next step.
  7. iPartition. How many times have I wanted the ability to change partitiions on the fly?
  8. Delicious Library. Does it get any cooler?
  9. For that big spender out there with I would love a new Range Rover. If I ever stray away from Volvos as my primary car, the Range Rover would definitely be number one on my list!
  10. An O’Reilly book: Mind Hacks
  11. Last but not least, I would like my friend Drew to install Q3A so we can play that together again!

Those are the basics. Let me know if you need my address!

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