Home Owner’s Tax Exemption


After talking to one of my more resourceful co-workers, I found out that our county offers a nice tax exemption for home owners…but you need to sign up to get this tax break…in person at the county tax office. I am not sure how common this is around the country, but it is definitely something to check out. You can save up to $450 a year with this exemption and as long as you have the paperwork to show it, you can get a refund from past years if you did not know about it. Merry Christmas early. The exemption is listed on your tax bill and if the dollar amount equals zero, and you own your home, time to get in line at the tax office.

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The county tax office, when the deadline for taxes is a few days away, is like the DMV on a good day. Tons of people, no organization, and weird smells. As I was filling out the paperwork for my exemption, a woman sat down next to me. You know the type…no sense of personal space […]


An Interesting Time

I have a post in mind but I need to gather some data before I get into it. Time to call the grandparents and parents for some generational points of views. Until then, check out an article on boingboing.net: Kerry concedes.