A Proud Day


It is once again the first Tuesday after the first Monday in Novemeber. I was proud to turn in my punched ballot this morning before I went to work, and I hope this election charges the country up for future elections because every vote does count. (but why are we still having problems counting these votes, especially after the Gore/Bush fiasco four years ago!!??) I think this year’s election is monumental in our country’s history.

We are a nation that is falling apart: plagued my constant fear, tremendous debt, frivilous lawsuits, polarized politics, and lost hope. I hope the President and others can pull us out of this mess regardless who wins. We the people of the US have become our own worst enemies and a new breed of terrorists that continue to terrorize our very own citizens more then Bin Laden et al. We are making ourselves live in constant fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of lawsuits, fear of helthcare costs, fear of unemployment, fear of Mac OS X Server ;), fear of flu shots, and the list goes on.

WWGS? (What would George (Washington) say?)

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An Interesting Time

I have a post in mind but I need to gather some data before I get into it. Time to call the grandparents and parents for some generational points of views. Until then, check out an article on boingboing.net: Kerry concedes.


Hole in One!

Well, I had the pleasure of witnessing my friend’s first hole in one on Sunday November 31, 2004. Congratulations Doug! On another note, check this out: http://www.toysoft.ca/fakecall.html. Perhaps a good investiment for me since I seem to attact interesting people.