jappler.com: coming soon

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name.
So what is jappler?

Back in 1998, I needed a character name for Diablo so I came up with Sir Japple (J for my first name initial, apple, for my beloved hardware/software company. Then in 1999, Quake 3 Arena came out and the deault name for the character was “Player”. I decided I would use Japple, so I typed it in, but somehow mistakenly took the “r” from “player” so my name turned out to be “Jappler” instead of “Japple”. Jappler stuck, and now, a few years later will be my domain name.

I plan to set up a redirect script this weekend after I move all my files/databases over to the new domain so no one will be left behind. I can finally use php and mysql on my personal web pages (.mac does not offer php/mysql support at this time)