Great America, Great Commenting


This past Saturday I spent most of the day at Six Flags Great America, or I should say I spent most of the day waiting in lines to go on all the major rollercoasters. This was my first visit to Great America this year, and my first year that I bought…well Amy bought season passes for both of us. We are both rollercoaster fans so since the weather was nice we jumped in the car off we went.
Since you are in line…yes, in line, not on line (where is the line you are on?) for an hour at a time there is a lot of time to pass. Amy and I spent it commenting on everyone because the crowd at Six Flags never changes, regardless of the Six Flags you go to. The rides were great, but the opportunity to comment was even greater. You have the low class miuimum wage couple that are hanging all over each other with several hickies all over their necks and chests. They constantly make me sick with their hands constantly all over each other and hands in the other person’s back pockets. They are the couple that will always live like they are in high school. You have the group of obnoxious 10-13 year old boys that jump lines, and think they are “all that” as they talk big and run around. Where are their parents? These kids ruined the line system so now we have ticket numbers on all the major rides…enter the line, get a ticket so the wonderful and happy employees can track any out of sequence numbers and have them ejected from the park. Thanks. You then have the macho guys who spend $40.00 on a game to buy their girlfriends a completely out of porportion stuffed animal that for some reason they win it early on and make then have to carry it around all day. Then comes the other set of 10-13 year old boys that win the basketballs and race throughout the park dribbling their won basketballs while disregarding the other people in the park…running into families right and left. This is not a basketball park, if it is, you got gipped…in my neighborhood you do not need to pay $50.00 to dribble a ball on pavement. Next comes the trashy girls and their “barely there” outfits. Thanks for showing us your gut hanging out and your skin tight shorts. PS, if you are going to go on a water ride, try not to wear patternerd underwear because we can see it when your skin tight shorts get wet. This leads me right into commenting about the people who show up in their 1980 leather jackets and long pants (it was in the 70s) and then decide to go onto the water rides, get completely soaked, and then sit on the rides, getting the seats nasty for all of us dry people. Thanks! I could go on and on, but all in all going to Six Flags is always a trip. Thank goodness I am perfect!

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