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Wow, I am so impressed. After a fun weekend spent at “Dave and Busters” and “Six Flags Great America”, I finally migrated from Moveable Type to WordPress. Many issues went into this decision but I am glad I made the transition.

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Great America, Great Commenting

This past Saturday I spent most of the day at Six Flags Great America, or I should say I spent most of the day waiting in lines to go on all the major rollercoasters. This was my first visit to Great America this year, and my first year that I bought…well Amy bought season passes […]

Apple Plugins

When Mac OS X beta appeared on the scene with a mail application I was very excited. I was a die hard Eudora fan but I am always happy to try an Apple application…you know, since I have an Apple tattoo and all. I was very disappointed with what Apple had released so I went […]