My Friend and Your's: Mac OS X Server


Installing and configuring Mac OS X Server is like being Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry has a great life, but there are always problems in the details…and the problems are unbelievable unless you see them yourself. I am still in pain from the install, the reinstall, the clone, and now onto the second clone. Apple: we love the Xserve. We love Mac OS X. But how did you screw up your “industrial strength” server OS? Let us modify the config files without worrying about the GUI eating our changes! I know I am very fortunate to not have to work with some other server OSes, but please listen to the users and let us help you build a truly “industrial strength” server. I would make this posting more humorous, but until I get a good install working, I will remain…not as happy as I could be.

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