Need a Date? Get a Dog!

About three months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted a retired greyhound. She is absolutely wonderful (the dog 😉 ) and we are very happy we adopted her. There were plenty of things we did not expect since this was our first dog, such as her love for hotdogs and the fact that she sleeps more than our cats, but of everything…her ability to attract all kinds of people blew me away. During our afternoon walks, I have had people approach me by foot, people pull over from the road, and people yell at us from cars at traffic lights…all to comment on how beautiful she is. I did not know many of our neighbors until I started walking my dog, then all the sudden I have become famous. “Oh, so this is Triscuit…we have heard about her.” “Was she abused?” “Have you seen her race?” The questions are endless and everyone wants to stop and chat. Triscuit even has a group of dog friends that like to visit with her when they are out on their walks. For tonight’s take home assignment, watch the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where Larry has issues with the “stop and chat”.