Well, after spending the last few days sandbagging and preparing for a record breaking flood, I learned quite a bit.

First and to properly sandbag a soon to be flooded area. Second, there are a lot of weird personalities in my community.

We had the “shovenist male”: “I do not mean to be a shovenist, but will you hold the bag while I shovel?” Me: Yes, I do not mind, I have my own system.

We have the “rambler” who rambles about how hard they are working but is not physically working at all, only working at annoying us all by hearing the same stories over and over….and yeah, we know you are not working so shut up.

We have the “engineer” who appears to be working non-stop yet, I do not see any sweat nor any dirt on him. When walking around inspecting my sandbagging technique (which a friend of mine and I researched for a day) which was what was recommended by FEMA…and I made sure to speak slowly. Seems the engineer was not familar with FEMA. Ahh. Then my kick ass side kick Amy put him in his place like she often can with others. We also had the “drunk” who was constantly working under the influence. That was fun to watch.

And let’s not forget the “stealer” who would go around and steal other’s sandbags so they would not have to fill them by himself. We all know who you are…since you have the 6 sandbag barrier in front of your house, yet no one remembers you filling one bag.

I believe my favorite of them all was the “inspector” who commented on our well sandbagged area and made me feel like I had to constantly defend FEMA. Me in my head: “get off your ass and fill sandbags, not comment on others.”

Lastly…”the manager” who had all the answers until the Police came and told them that their wonderful ideas would not work and that they should start doing what the people across the way (us) were doing….imagine that…FEMA might be on to something?

The “manager” was a figure in the community that made you feel like you did when working in McDonalds for that one pain in the ass manager that knew her life sucked and she was going to try bring you down with her less than appealing attitude.

Fun times. So my only question…what do we do with all these damn sandbags now?

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