Social Media is Exhausting

I am not sure about you – but keeping up with x, y, and z, learning about the latest this, and the newest that is pure exhausting. I gave up Facebook over a year ago (still happy about that), really fell off of twitter in the last few weeks, and even stopped posting here. Why? I am overwhelmed. I really need to re-assess what is important and re-focus. Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed by everything out there? Heaven forbid I miss out on something…

Back from Blog Vacation – Goodbye Facebook!

Just as we all need a vacation from work, etc – I needed a vacation from blogging. I took a month off to think about what I wanted to do with this and my other blogs, as well as my presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I have been thinking about the time I spend on Facebook and I blame the time I spend reading about x person needing y item in z game and I realized I do not need it and do not want it.

I have this blog, my company blog, my son’s blog and now the twin’s blog that have been also light on postings and I am going to change that. The time I once spent on reading garbage – will now be spent on sites that actually matter to me.

I will still be on Twitter and in fact will probably be more active on that, but it feels good to get rid of Facebook (especially since I heard W made it onto Facebook today).

Expect more old school Jappler posts in the next coming days, weeks and months!

This Week's Tweets

  • Time to archive old email from 2009 so everything is nice and organized and not one big mess #
  • Going to work on a new version of Lucidity – this time an easy to use magazine theme. Feedback and wishlists are welcome. #

This Week's Tweets

  • Who doesn't love Pawn Stars? #
  • Always something…but at least I have some good TV tonight (Modern Family) #
  • Man – I almost have time for a blog post! #

This Week's Tweets

  • I saw Avatar today – I cannot wait to see it again! If you have any interest in seeing it…make sure you see it in the theatre! #
  • Back to the daily grind…for a day 😉 #
  • Comcast is out again. No cable, no work, but plenty of Sopranos on DVD! #

This Week's Tweets

  • Looking forward to the holidays…and actually having snow on Christmas! #
  • It is official – GoDaddy has moved from "bad host" to "horrible host" #
  • just because I work at home does not mean I am always "home" just like when you are at work, you are not always "working" #
  • Gotta love the holidays…the grocery store is closed and the liquor store is open. #

This Week's Tweets

  • Everyone wants it all on Mondays…serenity now! #
  • Wow, it has been one of those days… #
  • Check out – they are using a custom version of my Lucidity Catalog theme 😉 #
  • Actually got some decent snow here in Chicago! Time to make a snowman!! #

This Week's Tweets

  • Just watched the first Venice episode and tried diet cherry 7 up – both were excellent! #
  • Crossing things off the to-do list…so far a productive day! #
  • Nothing like a little Prodigy to wake up the soul… #
  • Need to buy a new refrigerator this weekend – any opinions out there? #