wordpress 2.0.1/tasks 1.6 update.

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I decided to update WordPress to 2.0.1 and only have found an issue with one plugin (PageNavi). A huge thanks to the WordPress development team who have once again, released an easy-to-update release. As always, make sure you backup your WordPress install before upgrading.

I also updated my Tasks Pro install yesterday to 1.6 and just as with WordPress, the upgrade was painless. Alex King has done an tremendous job with this software and I always look forward to using it. (I first started using Tasks in early 2003)

3 Responses to “wordpress 2.0.1/tasks 1.6 update.”

  1. Doug says:

    Man, I just got to 2.0 and 1.5 respectively. Time to upgrade again!

  2. jenz says:

    Tasks 1.6 will be a great upgrade for you..finally the ability to have users submit tasks by email. How long have we been talking about this?

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